Multi-Lens Holo Terrain

We just released Multi-Lens version of our app Holo Terrain for Hololens. It provides a single user session as well as multi user shared holographic session. Holo Terrain provides a bird eye view of any location on our beautiful planet. It displays 3D GIS terrain as a hologram.

Get it on Windows 10









The first Hololens device becomes a Host and 3 additional Hololens devices can join in as clients. The Host controls the presentation as the clients view the shared holographic experience.

  • Internet connection is required
  • Connect to the same WiFi network
  • Scan the room thoroughly on all Hololens devices
  • Note the host IP in the interface and use that in all client devices

2 thoughts on “Multi-Lens Holo Terrain

  • January 27, 2017 at 11:31 pm

    Very curious on this program if it will work with
    4 projects I am head of development and creTion concept
    I have a video game rights to 3 known celebrities legacy
    I also need a virtual game for another video learning expbfor Vets and autistic and the challenged
    The children in rehabiltion of cancer
    Little Heroes Foundation in Australia
    I need this product for a project with the national forrests
    And law enforcemnt aide


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