Holo Terrain


Holo Terrain is a 3D terrain and map visualization tool for HoloLens. Experience our beautiful planet like never before. Enjoy the glory of the mountains, hills, deserts, snowy peaks and green valleys.

  • 4 zoom levels – 3.8 sq miles to 40 sq miles
  • Scale the terrain board to your liking
  • Pan east, west, north, south
  • 6 favorite locations or search for any location
  • 5 map themes: sattelite, elevation, dark, light, contrast
  • Voice commands enabled

Get it on Windows 10

Holo Terrain gives a bird eye view of our earth rendered as 3 dimensional terrain. There are 4 zoom levels available and the terrain board can be scaled to your liking. Check out our 6 favorite locations or search for a city / locality name of your choice.