VAR Football

VAR Football is a project we did for our client Virtual Coach Football . It showcases 3D Holographic football coaching. Using a Hololens device, trainees can see a holographic stadium with a list of plays to go through. The virtual football players take their stance and then move according to the designed play.


The app connects to the their server after login and streams the plays to the device. Users can see the football field in a table scale as well as real life size scale.

  • Place the stadium on a table, on the room floor or full size in an actual stadium
  • Hide stadium to have player holograms running on your table
  • Reposition, move the stadium
  • Cycle through the play list
  • Collaborate with your team members and coaches



Here is the promotional video from the client showing full size holographic experience in an actual football field with coaches; Mixed Reality at its best!