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Consultation, Prototyping, Design & Development services for holographic experiences on Microsoft Hololens.


Some of our published apps and client projects

Holo Campaign

Holo Campaign is a project we did for our client Kazendi . Holo Campaign showcases...

VAR Football

VAR Football is a project we did for our client Virtual Coach Football . It showcases...

Holo Terrain

  Holo Terrain is a 3D terrain and map visualization tool for HoloLens. Experience our...

Holo Tankz

  Transform your living room into a battle arena. Holo Tankz is an immersive tank...


Holographic Mixed Reality Development & Indie Game Studio


Dangling Concepts is an Indie Game Studio started as a passion for Mobile gaming and Holographic Mixed Reality experiences. We have 3 holographic apps on

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